2016-09-22 14:14:34 by GGTFIM

 I'm looking for some freelance work.
I consider myself a beginer on this area so the artworks should fit in your buget and we can discuss the numbers to make it nice for both sides :^)
 You can ask me to do almost anything (Profile pic.,concept art for your game,illustration for something,cover art,etc)


I wanna do something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

2015-02-21 20:16:00 by GGTFIM

no,seriously.I want to do something.If you are making an game or animation,and you need an artist for concept art or wharever,please,let's be friends and work together s2 

I have my art uploaded here,but in my blog you can see much more (the old and shitty ones lol) :

edit (14/06/15):

I'm involved in a game project,so if you wanna do something with me,don't be affraid to tell me - i will see what can i do ^^